Monday, January 8, 2007

The Wrath on Khan

Toronto-area MP Wajid Khan sure has been taking the heat for leaving the Liberal party and crossing the floor to join the Conservatives.

The anger is misdirected. If anyone should be blamed, it should be new Liberal leader Stephane Dion, who forced a highly respectable, principled man out of his caucus due to pigheaded stupidity.

Khan, a former member of the Pakistan Air Force who, according to at least one newspaper report, was at one time a Prisoner of War, was handed an ill-advised ultimatum from Dion for trying to help Canada, his home for 30+ years, and its soldiers.

After the Conservatives won a minority government in the last election and Khan won his seat, he approached new Prime Minister Stephen Harper and offered his expertise of the political, social, religious etc. situation in the region (Khan, for those interested, is Muslim). That region, of course, includes Afghanistan where several thousand Canadian troops are trying to keep their heads attached to their shoulders while confronting the continuing hard-line islamist resistance being offered up by the Taliban remnants.

The Taliban likes to blow up schools, particularly girl's schools, because they know an educated Afghani public is the end of the Taliban. It also likes to behead and otherwise murder innocent Afghans who even dare to accept food from or talk to Canadians and other foreigners trying to help rebuild a nation suffering from decades of war, oppression, ignorance and starvation.

So, anyway, Harper, being an intelligent man, promptly realizes that Khan can offer very valuable assistance and takes him up on the offer - I think about 10 months ago. Khan maintains he never betrayed any Liberal caucus discussions. I don't see why anyone would have cause to doubt that.

Khan, after moving to Canada, built a thriving auto dealership. He used to have these hilarious ads on the Fan590. He lived the North American dream lived by millions of immigrants before him; to build a successful life in a new country using and respecting all the freedoms offered to him.

He then decided to give something back by entering politics and by actually offering to serve his country, not just the party whose name was under his on the ballot.

I, for one, congratulate Khan wholeheartedly. The Liberals should be ashamed of themselves for forcing him from their party.

It's said that Dion is going to be a bear on the environment. He may poison the air of his caucus pretty quickly if he keeps up with those kinds of actions.

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Michael said...

Sounds like Mr. Khan is a decent guy, and worthy of support. I hope that Canada's Conservative Party treats him well.