Friday, January 5, 2007

Ban's the Man

One week into his term as UN sec-gen and Ban Ki-Moon has yet to let loose with a verbal barrage against Israel.

Congratulations, Ban! Unlike the thankfully-departed Kofi, you may actually have opened an atlas at some point in your life and realized there are countries all over the globe that need your attention.

Meanwhile, the UN wants 1.9 BILLION US DOLLARS to remake its New York headquarters. Of course, UN members, by and large won't pay that. Nope...the US, Canada, Japan and Western Europe will foot 80 per cent of the bill and you can mark my words: any monies supposed to come from other countries will never show up at all, just like most of their UN dues never arrive.

1.9 could save a lot of lives with that money. But, I suppose it's embarrassing for the UN poobahs to be housed in an aging building with fixtures that are not the equivalent of the Palace at Versailles.

I have a better idea: let's send the UN to the Palace of Versailles. France is a much more compatible country to the fuzzy, appeasement do-nothing-but-bash-Bush approach of the recent UN.

On another topic: why is it that the world hails Ethiopia for invading a neighbouring country to rid it of crazed Islamist mofos but constantly called on Israel to halt any similar efforts against hezbollah?

Additionally, why is that the Zapatero, the President of Spain declared the peace process with the Basque separatists dead on the basis of one bomb while the same goofball spent half his summer whining that Israel should be sucking up to the arabs for peace while rockets were landing all over and hundreds of thousands of Israelis had to huddle in shelters?

Ban might not be one, but there is still no shortage of hypocrites out there.


callieischatty said...

Send them to Versaillle? great idea! That would help clear up the parking problem in midtown!

southfield_2001 said...

LOL...I'm an idea guy, callie.

Did you see Chirac's comments about Bush today? Another love-in from the French. Seems he's still trying to deflect from the billions his countrymen reaped in their involvement in the oil-for-food scandal.

callieischatty said...

I didn't see that, actually I can't bear to read anything Chirac says.
I do have to say, and I admit I voted for him something I take alot of kidding about from my family, Bush is a total idiot.
I cannot believe the stuff he says and does.
Iraq has been a disaster of amazing proportions.
And hanging Saddam?
Seems he was the only one crazy enough to run Iraq.
Bush is a loser.
I predict Obama will beat McCain in the next elections.
Hillary will not win the nomination, even tho I think she would be great.