Wednesday, January 17, 2007

London Falling

Can someone please explain the English to me? Until recently, they just seemed like North Americans with lousy teeth, lousy food, good beer and a good soccer team.

Hell, they had the final word on Canadian laws until the 1980s. Their Queen is our Queen (not that I have any use for royalty but that's another subject that I'll probably bitch about at another time). After 9/11, George Bush thanked the English as the US's best friend (by pissing off a lot of Canadians - which he then sought to make up for by describing Canada as family).

Anyway, I digress. Since 9/11, though no doubt the corrosion was beginning even before then, England has devolved faster than any other European nation, excluding perhaps France, in kow-towing to the will of the Islamists and spawning such inglorious characters as London Mayor Ken Livingstone and radical left-wing idiot politician George Galloway.

Today I read a column from the Spectator, written by two men, at least one of whom said he was Muslim, about a new mosque in London that will be able to hold up to 70,000 people. According to the writers, the mosque will house members of a sect of Islam known as Tabligh-i-Jamat. Among that sect's adherents are such luminaries as shoe bomber Richard Reid and American Taliban member John Walker Lindh. Several men involved in the London bombings in 2005 had connections to Tabligh, again, according to the article and new converts to the sect are frequently sent to Pakistan for further indoctrination, a situation, which if true, should certainly raise red flags.

Well, not only are the British, despite the objections from many in the Muslim community, prepared to acquiesce and allow this mosque to be built for a sect seemingly quite hostile to western interests, but the public is going to help pay for completion of the $700 million facility.

Livingstone, as the authors describe him: "is very much at the heart of the problem...he has shown little sensitivity to the differing trends within the Islamic community, and especially to the battle between moderates and radicals."

This is, for lack of a better phrase, complete fucking insanity. Livingstone has already demonstrated his insanity on numerous occasions with loony tune statements and actions but for the English public to roll over and accept this? A meeting place in the heart of your biggest city so 70,000 of your closest enemies can meet and be exhorted to violence by crazed imams? Okay, maybe not all 70,000 but there were only about a dozen people involved in the London subway bombings. Even if only 10 per cent of the 70,000 hate the west, well, you can see where it can lead...

I'm already of the opinion that most of Europe has doomed itself to Islam or at least a very significant cultural war to avoid doom. The English seem intent on plunging themselves through the gate at full speed.

Radical Islam needs to be stomped out, not housed and encouraged in publicly-funded buildings.

At the rate they English are going, I may never get to that bitch about the Royal Family after all because it may disappear along with all other English traditions.


Michael said...

they had the final word on Canadian laws until the 1980s

That late? Wow... Who said the Empire was dead?

Still, it might be if the Brits don't wake up soon to what their homegrown jihadis are up to... I thought that the 7/7 Underground bombing would clue them in, but I guess not.

southfield_2001 said...

Yeah, Michael, that late...technically.
Because Canada didn't repatriate its own Constitution until 1982, the British still had to give assent to all our Parliamentary legislation.

As far as the Europeans are concerned, let's just say that I'm very happy there's 3,000 miles of water separating us from them.

pounce_uk said...

My teeth are fine, I hate Football and I hate beer.

Anyway ref that Mosque. it will never get built. It appears that the word has leaked out how the people who are behind it are a bunch of f***king loons. Besides which Muslims aren't getting a good press in the UK at the moment. What with Girls demanding to wesr the Hijab, Female muslim police officers refusing to shake hands with Men, Male Muslim police officers refusing to guard the Israeli embassy and a number of Idiots currently on trial for trying to blow up the tube. I think you will find another mosque, A superone at that is the last thing that will be allowed in the UK, nevermind London.

southfield_2001 said...

I was kidding about the teeth, pounce, please don't take any offence.
I must say, however, that I've never met an Englishman who hated both beer and football. One or the other yes, but both? See, my theory that you're really a Canadian still holds...if you like hockey, it's proven :-)
As for the mosque...I've got nothing against Muslims or Islam as long as they leave me the fuck alone. But, for the life of me, I can't figure out why our western societies don't crack down on the ones who do want to fuck with us and the situation is far worse, at least if I can believe even 10 per cent of what I read, in Europe than in North America.

pounce_uk said...

My first posting was to a field squadron (I was a Combat engineer) in Chatham kent.
It was also the posting for soldiers in the Royal Engineers to be sent to be treated for alcoholism (The army hospital at Woolwich has a drying out centre there and it was approx 3 stops up the train line) So my formative years in the royal engineers happened to include drinking lots and lots of ale. (And I hated it) I finally stopped when I joined the Boxing team, oh I still drink but I do so to be sociable. (Much rather have a coffee) Teeth blame my mum. As for Hockey yes I used to play. On grass in Germany and Ireland and when I got posted back here. I played indoor hockey. But my last game was over 7 years ago and karate was more my thing.

pounce_uk said...

You mentioned football. In the Uk a famous team is “Arsenal” going back to the army hospital in my last. It was based at Woolwich which was also known as Woolwich arsenal (After the place they kept all the ammo) the team there became known as Woolwich Arsenal and when they moved across the river they dropped “Woolwich”
Ironically the “gunners” as they are nicked named call their new stadium the Emirates after the Emirates Airline which sponsors it. The mosque which Abu Hamza used to pray at is about 5 mins walk up the road. Oh how the world has fallen