Thursday, January 4, 2007

War, What Is it Good For? Population Control...

So, according to the news headlines on Yahoo!, the yahoos known as Palestinians are back at it again.

Four dead yesterday, two more today, three hamassholes targeted who managed to (unfortunately) escape.

For anyone who stumbles across this blog by accident, let's make no mistake about it: I consider the "Palestinians" to be just about the biggest bunch of assbackwards losers on the face of this planet. This is a group of people who've build an entire "culture" and "society" on the idea of killing six million of their neighbours and, dammit!, they're just going to sit in the desert and not do another damn thing - except kill each other -until they accomplish that goal.

Of course, I must also confess that I'm Jewish and a proud, vocal and financial supporter of Israel's right to exist free of arab terror in all its forms.

Over the years, the Palestinians have been pawns of the other arab nations and of the UN but with the death of the Grandmama of all Terrorists, Arafat, they actually had a chance to do something constructive for themselves. So, of course, being the assbackwards bunch of losers that they are, they promptly elected a party of terrorists to lead them to more misery, death, doom and destruction.

What a farce.

I'm pleased that Israel has never acted against the arab world the way the arab world has acted against Israel (if they did, there wouldn't be a Pali left anywhere in the world). I think the best solution is for Israel to continue building the wall and to make it as high and as strong as necessary to keep the murderous barbarians on the other side of the gate.

As for the Palis themselves? I used to believe that most of them probably wanted to live in peace and raise their children to be productive members of planet Earth. Of course, that's when I was young and naive and stupidly attributed Western sentiment to the arab mind.

No longer. Now, I don't give a shit. They can slaughter each other in the streets, elect corrupt terrorist idiots to run their economy into the ground or turn around and actually give some thought to what they have wrought. Or, they can just rot in the desert until Judgment Day.

I could hardly care less.


Elder of Ziyon said...

It was actually seven dead yesterday, but who's counting? (Besides me, of course...)

southfield_2001 said...

LOL...I stand corrected, elder.

But, then I'd be foolish not to defer to the man who runs the world from his Jewish hideaway...

oops, was I allowed to tell people that?

Elder of Ziyon said...

You can shout it from the rooftops.

I've had already a few Jew-hating morons who thought that my International Zionist Web was serious and used it as evidence of my racism.

southfield_2001 said...

can I get an International Zionist Web logo?
I promise to use it only for good...

Elder of Ziyon said...

Sure, grab it from my site and link it to the article it links to.

And let me know so I can add you to the list.