Thursday, March 22, 2007

A little meme about MeMe

I almost never do this kind of stuff but for some reason, I liked this one:

First job: Newspaper delivery boy followed by the usual assortment of crappy teenage work. Adult job: newspaper reporter at a small town weekly.
First funeral: My great grandmother's.
First piercing: none
First tattoo: none...I'd like to get one but it's one thing I've always held back on because Jews aren't supposed to have tattoos.
First credit card: Visa
First favorite musician/band: KISS...ROFLMAO! What can I say? I was 11. Hearing "Beth" still makes me feel like a kid.
LASTS:Last movie watched: Borat
Last beverage drank: Water...I'm out of beer.
Last food consumed: Fish and chips
Last phone call: my son's babysitter
Last CD played: Bruce Springsteen's Greatest Hits, CD 3
Last website visited: This one.
Single or Taken: Taken.
What do you miss? The sun. It's been raining here for weeks.
Hair color: Light brown with more grey every day.
Natural color: grey, I guess the brown was just 40+ years of colouring.
Eye color: blue
Makes you sad: Being out of beer.

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Michael said...

Makes you sad: Being out of beer.

Ah, now that is sad. But even sadder, I haven't seen a bottle of good whisky for over 2 years now...