Monday, March 12, 2007

Canada - International Pariah Populated by Racist Bastards, Part Deux

Gee whiz, as if things weren't be enough for Canada what with the UN all pissy towards us these days, we've really done it now and upset the Egyptians.

Egypt's Foreign Ministry sent a rep over to see Canadian Embassy officials in Cairo last week. The reason: an 11-year-old Canadian girl had been told to remove her headscarf or leave the field during a recent soccer tournament in Quebec. The Ontario resident had been wearing the attire with no problem in her home province.

Egypt's Ambassador to Canada felt he had to weigh in, too. "If you look at things from a world perspective, it is as if Muslim or Islam are under attac and under siege around the world."

Yup. That's right: Canada is attacking the Muslim world because a girl couldn't wear her hijab at a soccer tournament. The referee issued the order, citing regulations around safety. The referee, BTW, was MUSLIM.

It was, in my opinion, actually stupid to remove the girl from the field. Hijabs are not, in themselves, offensive or dangerous to others. If any safety risk existed, it was solely to the player. I suppose it is possible that someone, for instance, might have grabbed the loose end and choked the girl. But, in a country that allows Sikh policeman and soldiers to forego the usual headwear in favour of turbans, it doesn't seem illogical to extend the same courtesy to a young girl.

What is, of course, absolutely illogical is the premise that Islam is under attack in Canada or around the globe. Islam is the global leader in attacking people and objects of other faiths and there is absolutely no way to extend an argument claiming otherwise in today's world reality. From Australia to Sweden, Islam has turned itself into a major concern for the rest of the world.

It is also beyond pale for Canada to accept any criticism from a nation like Egypt which routinely abuses human rights, murders the government's political opponents, resists women's rights, blows billions of US aid every year on fomenting anti-US sentiment and even goes as far as to jail bloggers.

I sincerely hope that our country responds by calling in the Egyptian ambassador each and every time Egypt abuses any rights; he'll be spending the rest of his life on the carpet. We should start with the Canadian of Egyptian descent who the Egyptians recently arrested as an Israeli spy even though everyone knows the real reason he's imprisoned is because he's a homosexual activist.


Michael said...

Don't you know that making the Egyptians own up to their own problems would be Islamaphobia?

We can't have that, now, can we?

southfield_2001 said...

Well, the Egyptians get billions of US aid each year, so they must be our friends, right?

Michael said...

I dunno. The Saudis get a lot, and Afghanistan and Iraq are sucking down US money. Are they our friends, too?

Lexcen said...

You have to understand Muslimspeak
For example "Self-Defense" actually means bombing innocents civilians.
"Victory" = getting attention. Of course "being attacked" = others are unwilling to change to the Muslim ways. "Discrimination" = any criticism of Muslims.
"Racism" = a logical argument that points out the irrationality of Islam. "Ignorance" = you cannot see the Muslim point of view. "Hate" = having a different opinion.

southfield_2001 said...

Of course, Michael...they're all our friends!
Though I don't think it's fair to lump in the Afghanis with Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iraq. I think Afghanistan's leaders really would like to build something approximating a civilized nation but they're starting from a long, long, long way back.

Michael said...

Good point on the language issue. The modern muslim world could give Orwell lessons in Newspeak.

With friends like those...