Saturday, March 10, 2007

Canada - International Pariah Populated By Racist Bastards

It seems I might live in a country that is quickly becoming an international pariah and I couldn't be happier about it.

Less than a week after the UN chided Canada (particularly Vancouver) for allowing safe injection sites, we were squarely back in their sights over racism. Seems the use of the term "visible minorities" is in itself a racist comment, according to a UN report.

Leaving aside for a moment the very real fact that being a visible minority in Canada actually has benefits - inasmuch as your special cultural beliefs and background have to be considered in all things big and small and there's all kinds of ways to voice your displeasure if you feel wronged - and the question of why the UN is once again busying itself with minutaie while civilization teeters ever closer to collapse, it also begs the question, what would the UN rather we use?

Because, of course, there was no alternative language suggested. Would the UN prefer we went back to describing people of African descent as niggers, East Asians as pakis and Chinese as chinks? Does that make me a Yank (born in the States), a Hun (family background), a kike (religous persuasion) or a honkie (skin colour)?

Does the UN want a warmer, fuzzier more PC term like "people whose skin colour may be slightly different from others but that doesn't make them less worthy" or "people who are just like everyone else and only racist bastards would suggest otherwise"? Seems a little wordy but then again government's never shied away from employing ridiculously long descriptions for everyday things.

Visible minority is a pretty accurate description for people who are not Caucasian and who live in Canada. According to the World Factbook, two-thirds of Canadians are from European countries which makes them generally Caucasian. Perhaps instead of visible minorities, we should eliminate all terms for people not of European descent and simply call Caucasians the "visible majority".

Or, perhaps we should just ignore the UN, like most everyone else does these days. And, like many of those nations, we should stop paying its damn bills, too.


Lexcen said...

Chinese make up 1.2 billion of the total world population of 6 billion. The Indians are approx 1.2 billion.
Not counting the Asians in other countries and other colored peoples of the globe including negroes. Visible minority indeed!

Michael said...

Like I said before, why is the UN still getting funding from countries like the US or Canada?

Sometimes, I think that mose of the UN workers need a place for their injections...

Lex: Good point about world demographics.

southfield_2001 said...

LOL, lex...yeah, on a global basis, whitey's a mere pimple of the population.
I can tell you quite honestly that Canadians are much more accepting of "visible minorities" than Aussies tend to be. You'd never hear terms like "abos" or "lebs" in Canada - the PC police would slice your tongue off.
Of course, we haven't seen more than 200 of our citizens blown up while sipping drinks in Bali, either.