Friday, February 9, 2007

Unity Celebrations Were a Riot

Well, the palestinians celebrated their new "unity" government by doing what comes naturally: trying to provoke more bloodshed with the Israelis.

And, as with most causes that seem to inflame the violent tendencies of the palestinians and, in many cases, the arab world as a whole, it's over something that the rest of the world should just be shaking its head at.

The palis went a-rioting in Jerusalem today and arab religious pinheads around the ME began their traditional wailing for blood because the Israelis have the audacity to replace a damaged ramp leading to the Dome of the Rock. Despite the fact that area is just as sacred to Jews, the arab world is claiming the Israelis are trying to destroy it, blah, blah, blah, lie, lie, lie, let's go on a killing spree...

This will likely spread in the usual way, ending with dozens of dead arab bodies either in clashes with Israelis or from firing guns around all over the place during their own bloody rallies. Already, there were demonstrations, and in some cases violent exchanges in Egypt, the West Bank, Jordan and Syria. And, they're just getting started!

It's really hard not to be really cynical about what's going on in the Middle East. I, for damned sure, haven't got a clue what the answer is to the question of how you drag this kind of "culture" into the 21st century. Nothing seems to work.

Keep in mind, while Israel is doing a repair project, the palestinians - and they're not alone - have very deliberately and frequently damaged/destroyed non-muslim religious buildings and artifacts, the most prominent example being the completely barbaric treatment of the Church of the Nativity when terrorists used it as a hideout while trying to escape the IDF.

This will never end at Israel. Israel is the western world's canary in a coal mine, if it goes under serious attack and the west can't work up the nerve to retaliate, we are completely and irrevocably fucked. Because this isn't about Israel and arabs; it's about culture and destruction.

On Thursday, the palestinians announced their long-sought unity government in Mecca. Hamas agreed to "respect" previous PLO agreements with Israel (too bad the PLO never really did and we all know Hamas doesn't mean it). They did not, however, renounce violence against Israel or recognize it or its right to exist.

In other words, the palestinian government is no closer to meeting any of its commitments under the Roadmap to Peace (ha, ha!) than it was before. But, watch...the pressure will be on to treat it that way and to restore funding to the palis so they can use it to continue their corrupt and violent ways.

Sometimes I wonder if we're even dumber than they are...


Michael said...

Israel is the western world's canary in a coal mine, if it goes under serious attack and the west can't work up the nerve to retaliate, we are completely and irrevocably fucked.

We're already there, my friend. Even the current Israeli gov't won't retaliate in self-defense.

What scares me is that it may take a nuclear 9/11 before the West wakes up...

What's really sad though, is that the whole thing could have been averted in 1979, if Carter had a sack and had just bombed the shit out of Iran for taking the embassy.

Now the western world faces the prospect of a long and bloody war.

Oh, southfield, please note my new blog address...

southfield_2001 said...

I agree with most of your statement, Michael.
I think saying that the current Israeli government won't retaliate in self-defence is a bit simplistic, though. Even the most successful terrorist attacks emanating from the palis and hezbollah do not threaten Israel's existence. Simple tit-for-tat retaliation has not really worked in Israel's favour.
Unfortunately, you're right that it might take a nuclear 9/11 or some kind of other non-nuclear attack that kills 10s of thousands to really wake people up. And, of course, you're bang on about Carter.
Glad to see you back. Thought maybe you'd given up the blogging.

Michael said...

The Olmert gov't "policy" on the Gaza border is not to shoot back when the rockets are launched. They seem to think there is a cease fire of some sort.

On the northern border, it wasn't the gov't that ordered the troops to return fire, but the army command; in fact, it was Gen. Halutz. At least someone learned form his mistakes.

Simple tit-for-tat retaliation has not really worked in Israel's favour.

I agree. I don't think that retaliation should be simple, or tit-for-tat. I think that for every rancomly fired rocket out of Gaza, the IDF artillery batteries should be allowed 6 or 7 hours of random practice fire into Gaza city. If the palis want to trade blows, we should oblige...

That's how Carter screwed up, back in '79 and '80. We need to understand, and use, the terrorists' language. It's hard to say, and it's brutal, but it's also true.

As for another 9/11, it's really just a matter of time. "The terrorists" came close in Madrid and London, but those types of bombs, while large, were not spectacular. It's a just a matter of time until they get lucky again.

I didn't quit blogging. Check my new site for the explanation (you can find it on my profile page).