Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Send Out The Clowns

The freakshow that is Iran continued today as Mohammad Ali Ramin, the head of the "World Holocaust Foundation", said European nations should hand over proof of the WWII genocide of Europe's Jews.

The World Holocaust Foundation was created by Iranian President Madman Almonddingdong after the country recently hosted their fabulous Holocaust Denial Conference that attracted all of five dozen crackpots from around the globe.

I wonder what kind of proof the Iranian wingnuts are looking for.

Obviously, the millions upon millions of pages of documents kept by the nazis and recovered after the war (13 million alone in the Washington Holocaust Memorial Museum) are insufficient.

All of the documentary evidence doesn't cut it.

The eyewitness testimony won't do.

The confessions of myriad nazi underlings isn't convincing the Iranian whackjobs, either.

Forget about the mass graves.

And the simple fact that millions of people suddenly just disappeared from the face of the Earth means nothing. In all likelihood they were kidnapped by martians and are still being anal-probed today.

Short of building a time machine and sending Madman and his circus sideshow to Dachau, Birkenau, Bergen-Belsen or Auschwitz in about 1943, there is absolutely no way to convince his idiotness to admit the Holocaust occurred. Holocaust deniers, as a rule, know it happened, they just need an excuse for their hate and the denial serves both the purpose of allowing them to worship the nazis and of blaming all subsequent events on the remaining European Jews and their descendants.

Fortunately, no other major country is led by a Holocaust denier. Unfortunately, Madman has a lot of gasoline under his feet. It's time he stopped sniffing it.

It's also time the Iranians got some collective nerve and overthrew this crazy SOB before some really fucked up shit happens and Iran learns not the lessons of the Holocaust, but of Dresden or maybe even Hiroshima.

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Michael said...

Unfortunately, sending Ahmadininjababble back in a time machine to witness it wouldn't help; he'd either cheer the Nazis on, or just say that these people are going to take a shower...

Remember, his main priority is killing Jews and getting the Mahdi back on Earth, and I think it's in that order. Oy.