Friday, February 2, 2007

Truth, Justice and Your Typical Arab BS.

Here in Canada, arab and muslim groups are threatening to campaign against our Conservative government because of what they say is a pro-Israel bias.

In other words, Canada no longer automatically votes against every anti-Israeli resolution that the arabs conspire to bring before the UN. Oh, and on top of that, Canada was the first nation to cut off funding to the palestinians after Hamas was elected. And, yeah, our government supported Israel in its war with hezbollah over the summer, choosing to go with the democratic nation defending itself over the thugocratic islamic terrorists.

It's been a tough one for Canada's arabists and islamist-apologists to swallow. They had the ear of the previous Liberal government for years and they are loved by the socialist NDP, which if it ever got in power would be something akin to watching Hugo Chavez running around except with state-funded gay marriage instead of the one where the newlyweds have to pay their own fees like we have now (and, I'm totally supportive of gays getting married, so this isn't a shot at them).

Khaled Mouammar, president of the Canadian Arab Foundation, said it best when he noted, "we also are telling people to make sure in the elections that they vote for candidates who will stand for truth and justice and that's all we can do."

I love the words truth and justice. In my messageboard posting days you could always tell a person was an utter liar and a massive Jew-hater when the words "truth", "peace", "freedom" or "justice" appeared in their board name. It was an automatic, bona-fide, 100 per cent given that such a person always and without exception stood for murdering innocent Israelis and Jews in general.

Anyway, since Mr. Mouammar is reminding me to vote for people who stand for truth and justice, I will be more than happy to do so by casting my ballot for my local Conservative candidate in the next election. Any version of truth and justice espoused by Mr. Mouammar is most certainly not the sort that is in the interests of Canadians.

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