Saturday, April 28, 2007

You Can't Have Peace With Those Devoted to Death

Yesterday, Michael, who blogs at Oleh Musings (see link to the right), provided his rundown of the democracy and freedom in the Middle East in response to a Dutch lib-left Euroweenie who blogs under the name Wisse. Said Euroweenie was whining because the Dutch governmment had refused to allow members of hamas to attend a conference in their country. How could the Dutch be considered an "honest peacebroker" if they refused to allow hamas officials into the country? he stupidly wondered.

The Dutch government, if not some of its citizenry, seems to at least understand that hamas is a terrorist organization that remains committed to a policy of spreading death and destruction. It is made up of the same sort of islamic radicals that were responsible for the stabbing murder of Theo Van Gogh and numerous threats and attacks against others in the Netherlands, despite the fact that it is one of the freest and most accepting societies on the planet.

The answer to Wisse's question is that there is no honest peacebrokering in the Middle East because there is no intention of the arab world to make a peace with Israel that does not result in the demographic or military destruction of Israel. That goes double for the palestinians and at least 10-fold for hamas, which refuses to even recognize Israel much less negotiate towards a peace agreement.

Today's National Post helped drive that point home. It contained a story about a new video that is being regularly aired on al-Aksa TV (also known as Hamas TV). The pop music video, praises the homicide bomber Reem Riyashi who is glorified by her small child. Here are the lyrics - all backed up with the appropriate acting - as contained in the Post's article:

Mommy what are you carrying in your arms instead of me?

A toy or a present for me?
Mommy Reem!
Why did you put on your veil?
Are you going out mommy?
Come back quickly, mommy,
I can't sleep without you
unless you tell me and Ubayadah a bedtime story.(Reem had two children, Ubayadah was the younger, the older is portrayed in the video asking the questions)

My mother, my mother,
Me and Ubayadah are awake and waiting for you
to come put us to sleep
Me and Ubayadah, oh Mommy, still need you to wipe our tears.

Instead of me you carried a bomb in your hands.
Only now, I know what was more precious than us
May your steps be blessed
and may you be flawless for Jerusalem.
Me and Ubayadah wish we were there with you.

Send greetings to our Messenger (Muhammad)
and tell him: Duha loves you.
My love will not be words.
I am following mommy in her steps.

This, folks, is what hamas represents: the ideal that killing yourself and innocent civilians is more important than loving your children and raising them to be something productive instead of merely more cannon fodder for radical islamists.

As Golda Meir said: "we will have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate our's."

That day is still far off, despite what the Euroweenies (and some in North America)might think. I do, however, wonder whether people who point this out are simply wasting our time because no matter how often it is thrust in their face, there is a large segment of the western world that simply refuses to acknowledge the facts and recognize the bloodlust that is undisputably the motivating factor for much of the arab world.

It's well past the time that we stopped treating arabs as merely westerners in bedsheets. Millions and millions of them want to destroy us and Israel is only the first step on that road.


shlemazl said...

Good post.

Lexcen said...

It has always been the same. We must accept that Islam is behind this Arab mentality.

Michael said...

Good post, and thanks for the hat tip.

Compare the palis' childrens' TV programs with this post of mine, about a popular Israeli kids' show:

southfield_2001 said...

Michael, the arab world is guilty of child abuse on an incomprehensible scale. As the father of two boys, I think it may be the thing that most disgusts me about the arabs.

Rickey said...

You and the canadian dirigible pusgut beaj have his and hers pussyfaces complete with jew glasses.

ps - please be disgusted with the pedophile rabbis too like kaye for one.

southfield_2001 said...

rickey, I have never hesitated from criticizing Israel and/or Jews in general when necessary (as when beaj posted that story about the buses the other day).
That's one thing that separates Jews and Israelis from muslims and arabs: we can face the fact we're not perfect and that we make mistakes, too.

shlemazl said...

So, Mr Nazi here is not that fond of Jews. I am so surprised.

Can't say I am unhappy that even the name of my nation annoys this filth.

BEAJ said...

I see you have the Rickey virus.

southfield_2001 said...

well, beaj, I'll apply the same rules to rickey that you do: as long as he sticks within a reasonable distance to the topic, he's welcome to express his opinion here. His insults have never really bothered me and occasionally have even proven funny.

shlemazl: I've been familiar with "rickey" for some four years now. He's a Jew-obsessed homosexual muslim with a fetish for middle-aged married Jewish men such as myself and wino. Not sure why but, obviously, if he ever came out of the closet, his brothers would honour kill him so he only expresses his views using the anonymity of messageboards and blogs. I don't let it bother me and urge all others to approach it in the same way.

Michael said...

I just reject comments like that. No reason to put that filth in the public air.