Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Nappy Heads In Good Company, Imus Is Not

Some thoughts on Don Imus:

1) Calling members of the Princeton Women's Basketball team "nappy-headed hos" was incredibly distasteful and unbelievably stupid.

2) MSNBC must have really hated having to suspend him for two weeks. I wouldn't even like to guess at what the jump in their listening audience must have been in the days following.

3) There is a significant amount of truth in the contention that if it isn't alright for Imus to call people "nappy-headed hos" then it isn't alright for anyone to use such terms. The terms help perpetuate the stereotypes regardless of who employs them and it's not just African-Americans who are listening to African-American artists etc., it's kids of all backgrounds.

4) The nappiest head that ever walked Princeton's grounds sat on the shoulders of Albert Einstein. Those young women are in some pretty heady company (pardon the pun).

5) It's amusing beyond belief that Al Sharpton got to take Imus to task. Pardon me? In beliefs, Sharpton is to Imus as Mel Gibson is to Michael Richards. What a crock of shit. Of course, being a black bigot is perfectly acceptable, especially if New York Jews are your target...just ask Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan.

6) Why do 67-year-old men continue to wear their hair like they're 17? As if Imus is in any position to make hair comments; he's halfway to Cousin Itt status.

7) This is what one of my editors used to call a "nine-day" wonder because in nine days no one will really remember or care. The media loves to feast on its fallen. Trust me, though, in a week, Paris Hilton will get busted while snorting crushed amphetamines off the chest of an American Idol contestant. Imus will be forgotten - unless he calls Paris a "platinum-blonde bleached bitch ho". Which he might...

8) Whatever happened to Howard Stern?

9) Talk radio, like internet chat sites, are dumping grounds for hatred, vitriol and derogatory language. This is due to the anonymity available, people's general need to vent and their inate belief that their opinions mean something. Of course, I have a blog so, mea culpa. I try to avoid the hate but I've definitely been guilty of the vitriol. I also believe the derogatory terms are unnecessary. My favourite target is the arab world. It's exposed with no further description necessary...

10) Ah, seriously, this shit ain't worth 10 thoughts.


Michael said...

I can't believe you squeezed 10 thoughts out of that.

I also can't believe how thin-skinned people have gotten. Imus made a career out of insulting people, and they're only noticing it now?

Catherine said...

So, now they've fired him. My theory is that if Imus had said exactly the same thing a year or two ago, he wouldn't even have been suspended, let alone fired. His stupid remark was blown out of proportion because of the snowball effect of Mel Gibson's anti-Jew rant, Kramer's anti-black rant, and Isaiah Washington's anti-gay slurs. People started calling for Imus's head because his comment was the straw that broke the camel's back.

I agree that people have gotten entirely too thin-skinned. Imus's comment was in poor taste, but what are we? A nation of pussies who have to raise an angry mob and light the torches whenever someone says something that offends our delicate sensibilities?

Michael said...

but what are we? A nation of pussies who have to raise an angry mob and light the torches whenever someone says something that offends our delicate sensibilities?

There you have it, Catherine. The real fruits of PC: we now have a "right" to never be offended.

BEAJ said...

Imus was fired because he is boring and unfunny.
He should have been fired years before, not for being boring but for being boring.
Howard Stern can get away with stuff like this because he is funny. And he has a nappy headed atheist ho (Robyn) who understands him.