Thursday, June 14, 2007

You Have to Be Hunter S. Thompson to Understand the Palestinians

In order to make sense of the palestinians and the world's reaction to their actions, one would, I think, have to be on a combined cocktail mix of LSD, ecstasy and alcohol.

LSD to sort out the surreal behaviour that the palestinians display. Alcohol to experience the kind of rage they seem to display at each and every turn. Ecstasy to comprehend why any world government or organization still treats them as though they are worth our time - especially as so many other people live in squalor and misery that is not of their own making.

As anyone who reads or watches news knows, the palestinians have been busy beating the crap out of each other in Gaza for the past week. This has included killing women and children, gangland style shootings of captured enemies and other such activities such as dropping living people off rooftops and turning them into jelly.

Hamas has now overrun Gaza with the full intention of turning it into a typical islamic thugocracy backed by Iran and Syria, at least until Israel gets sick of Qassam rockets and Olmert grows some balls (which, sadly, might be never). Fatah is holed up in the West Bank. Both sides are issuing forth the usual arab assmonkey rhetoric that we are all so familiar with. There is no end in sight. Sadly women and children are caught in the crossfire. Gladly, many fatahdiots and hamassholes are being sent to Allah and the more of those, the better.

But, to hear the rest of the world, there is something salvageable about the palestinians. The US has backed Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas, "the moderate" (LOL). Condi Rice, ever becoming more like Colin Powell by the day, has pledged the US will not abandon the palestinians and will work towards getting the peace process back on track (where it has not been since the Oslo Accord). The US administration is dreaming in technicolour - and it's, by far, one of the more realistic nations when it comes to viewing the palestinians.

It speaks volumes that most of the lefty groups haven't commented at all, despite the clear violations of every human right imaginable. The palestinians, of course, violate human rights more often than I blink, but this time they're doing it in full daylight. Yet, nothing...

Imagine the reaction if Israeli soldiers tossed a palestinian from a rooftop.

Personally, I say let them fight it out. The palestinians have been headed for civil war for months and the only real surprise is that it took this long to for it to begin in earnest.

Meanwhile, if I were Israel, I'd be eyeing Iran's nuclear facilities very closely right now. Get 'em while the rest of the world is at least partially distracted.


Lexcen said...

I think only the black African nations can outdo the Palestinians.
I'm specifically thinking of Zimbabwe but it could also be the Sudan or Uganda, Ethiopia.

southfield_2001 said...

I think you'd have to take Uganda and Ethiopia off that list, at least given their current political situations.
Zimbabwe and the Sudan, yes, but then Sudan's problems are largely due to the action of arab muslims so it's just the same disease in a different place.

Bar Kochba said...

At least Hamas will be an easier sell to carpet bomb. That's the only solution for Gaza, carpet bombings and expulsion. Don't forget about rebuilding Gush Katif.

Catherine said...

"I think only the black African nations can outdo the Palestinians.
I'm specifically thinking of Zimbabwe but it could also be the Sudan or Uganda, Ethiopia."

Don't forget the Congo, where your neighbor is what's for dinner.