Tuesday, May 1, 2007

I volunteered to be a guinea pig

for a meme where you only get tagged if you do volunteer. The idea is that once you have offered up yourself as a sacrificial lamb, the person to whom you made the offer gets to ask you any five questions they want.

I did this because one thing I wanted to ensure when I started blogging was that I didn't just write about the same things all the time. There are plenty of people who are interested in the same topics that I am and who have both the patience and time to research them and write very eloquent, in-depth posts. Me, I'm more of a stream of consciousness guy; there's not a post on my blog that took me more than 15 minutes to write although I sometimes do spend that much again editing them.

Anyway, the questions are courtesy of Michael at Oleh Musings (that's two times I've mentioned his blog in a week, so he owes me one). The answers are courtesy of me. Anyone who wants to volunteer to put themselves in the firing line is free to indicate so.

1) You have kids. What do you love most about them, and what is the one thing they do that really just makes you want to sell the to the lowest bidder?

What I love most about my kids is being able to watch them grow up into real people with personalities of their own. Sometimes, though, especially with my younger son, it makes me sad because I know I won't be having anymore (snip, snip) and I try really hard to cherish the moments that we have and to remind myself that they're only young once so I'd better take the time to appreciate them now.

What makes me want to sell them to the lowest bidder - and it's not just my kids - is the sense of entitlement that children in our society seem to have these days. I've worked hard to get it through to them that very few people are as lucky as we are but then they have friends who are even luckier and whose parents are even more indulging so it's kind of difficult. It not only comes from parents but from the school system which is so absorbed with shit like self-esteem and the idea that all children are the same instead of preparing kids for the real world.

2) You live in Canada. Is hockey really genetic for Canadians?

Yes. I'm writing this while I wait for the overtime to begin between Vancouver and Anaheim. I was born in the US and actually prefer baseball but the only Canadian I know who doesn't like hockey is my wife. That, however, is not why I married her and she doesn't like baseball much, either.

3) If you could change one major world event from the last 100 years, what would it be, and why?

I'll even narrow it down to a single day - January 30, 1933 - The day Hitler was declared Chancellor of Germany by Paul von Hindenburg. It would lead not only to the Holocaust but to millions of deaths around the world and, eventually, the cold war.

4) If you could have the ear of a one world leader for 10 minutes, with a garauntee that your advice would be heeded, who would it be, what would you say, and why?

I'm willing to bet that fully two-thirds of people in the western world right now would answer that question by saying George Bush and then going on a rant about Iraq.
I'm not one of them.
I'd want the ear of Chinese President Hu Jintao and I'd tell him to bring a democratic system into China because together, the western world, China and India would comprise more than half the world's population and could do wonderful things for the future of humanity. I think China has the ability to be a great country or to hasten the doom of mankind and right now its politicians are leaning the wrong way even though its citizens would probably go the other way if they had the choice.

5) Who are the 3 most important people in your life?

Easy. My wife and my two children. Talk about a softball question. Thanks Michael, although you can lob me another one if you want.

Now back to the hockey game.


Michael said...

hey, good answers there.
I especially like your choice, and reasoning, for a world leader to talk to.

Rickey said...

The Atheist Jew from Canada
Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Dear America,

As a Canadian, I realize that you are our protectors. Not that we've needed you lately, but we know you are there.

America is most criticized because it is the chief of police of the world. One country had to take that role, and it was you.

Even though I find it annoying that you have such a high percentage of people who deny evolution and even an ancient earth, I realize that your approach will lead to the availability of the truth. It is there at least, and nobody is prevented from getting to it.

You realize that radical Islam must be reformed, and learned a lesson about trying to make it happen so fast in Iraq. It was inevitable that a middle eastern Muslim majority country had to be taken to task, and Iraq made sense.

We have seen a step forward in many of the Arab Muslim countries because of it. It will take more time than you thought, but at least now, the groundwork for reform is there.

You realize that the Palestinians are the true aggressors in the Israeli conflict. You realize that if the Arabs dropped their guns there would be peace. You realize that it is the Palestinian's fault for the mess they put themselves in. Arab Muslim intolerance must disappear before the world will peaceful.

America, you get it. Don't worry what idiots think of you. In the morning they will still be idiots.
History will salute what America is doing today.

About the Author

Name: The Atheist Jew
Age: 46
Country: Canada
State: Ontario
Gender: Male
Income: Medium
Occupation: Consultant
Experience With US: Visited the United States
Website: http://baconeatingatheistjew.blogspot.com/

Labels: 40's, canada, consultant, foreign policy, male, medium income, middle east policy, north america, religion, visited the US

12 Comments Published on Tuesday, March 06, 2007 at 2:38 AM.
12 Responses to “The Atheist Jew from Canada”
# Sage
3/06/2007 4:19 AM
Your closed minded point of view makes me sick, bacon eating atheist jew. There is so much more to the story than your one-dimensional opinion. You're so full of propagandistic sayings.

# BaconEating AtheistJew
3/06/2007 5:55 AM
Sage, it is probably impossible for you to be more rhetorical in your reply. Got any meat?

# Mo
3/06/2007 10:41 AM
No one in the world has agreed that one nation has the sole authority to police another. That is what the UN is there for.

America did not go to war under the expressed intention of quelling radical Islam, but under a falsified threat of "mass destruction."

If you believe America has the right the tell every other country how to behave, and if you believe it is their place to decide which religous fundamentalists are bad (the Muslims) and which are good (their Christians) then do you think it is alright for America to exercise this authority under false pretenses?

How does anyone put trust in a "police chief" that uses false warrants and arrests without cause?

If you believe that any fair, objective account of history will see Bush and his actions as liberating, then I fear for all of our rights and freedoms in the future that you imagine.

# BaconEating AtheistJew
3/06/2007 5:35 PM
Mo, the UN proves its worth bowing down to Muslim nations. Every time a Palestinian stubs his toe, they whine about Israel, meanwhile do next to nothing about Darfur and Saudi Arabia.
Fundy Christians aren't blowing themselves up in front of innocents.
The Crusade days are well behind them.
Radical Islam is not compatible with humanity.

# Mo
3/06/2007 10:32 PM
"Fundy Christians" are the base of a criminal administration that has invaded two soverign nations, causing one to spiral into an uncontrollable civil war and become the poorest country on Earth. But no harm done I suppose.

You know what the UN did properly my friend? Inspected Saddam Hussein's arsenal. Aren't you glad wise Mr. Bush didn't listen?

# The non-israeli Jew from America
3/06/2007 10:59 PM
One country did not have to take the role of police chief that's total bullshit, like you, cause you're full of it. And somehow it's the Palestinian's fault that the UN Partition plan gave over half the lands to america-two, oh sorry i mean Israel, without giving the Palestinians any say in the matter. The problem with the 'israeli' conflict lies in foreign states who know nothing of the extensive history of the place come in and start making decisions. Oh how i love the 'deciders'!
Unfortunately, for many Americans, (not all), you don't get it just like our bacon loving friend. But hey, go ahead and live in your bubble, the world is only 5000 years old and there is no such thing as global warming.

# Tantor
3/07/2007 5:24 AM
Sage, after long and serious thought, I'd much rather support the bacon-eaters than the head-cutters. To celebrate my decision, I'm having a BLT for lunch.

Mo, if nobody in the world has agreed that one nation has the sole authority to police another, why do Muslims insist the whole world submit to Allah? Why do Muslims bomb, shoot, and behead people in every nation they go to force them to become part of a Muslim empire? It's pretty hypocritical to criticize America for fighting to give people freedom of choice in their lives when Muslims are fighting to impose their religion on everyone. Why do you think it is right for Muslims to impose their authority on non-Muslims who find Islam repugnant and evil?

It shows your bad faith when you claim no WMD were found in Iraq. Dozens were found immediately after the invasion. More have been found over the years since. The count is up to around 500 so far. Plus we found the covert labs which were making chemical weapons, labs which were engaged in low level production for purposes of either research or terrorism.

By the way, Mo, that first sovereign nation we invaded, Afghanistan, was the home base for the attack on Sep 11. Evidently, it's OK in your eyes for Muslims to invade and attack America, but not for America to defend its men, women, and children from Muslim murderers.

The second sovereign nation we invaded, Iraq, tried to assassinate a former president, Bush the elder, shot some 600 missiles at our aircraft patrolling the UN-mandated no-fly zones, and posted bounties on captured and killed US military. That is more than enough reason to invade Iraq, certainly more reason than Muslims have given for making war on the world.

Yes, the war Bush is waging in Iraq and Afghanistan will be seen as liberating in so much as it loosens the dead hand of Islam from the throat of the Middle East. There is a good chance we can drag the Middle East, kicking and screaming, into the modern world.

And by the way, Mo, if you want a classical example of a criminal administration, you might look at the Palestinians, who are unable to organize themselves as anything but a mafia, ripping off the millions in aid meant for their people, raping women off the street, robbing their people, and executing anybody they don't like and calling them Israeli spies.

# BaconEating AtheistJew
3/07/2007 8:22 AM
Self hating Jew from America, you really should educate yourself on the conflict and the history of Israel.
It was not the Palestinians choice ever as to how the land would be divided up. At best they could be part of the negotiations.
It is the Palestinians fault for not accepting the Partition plan and listening to their Arab neighbors who didn't give a rats ass about them.
The whole conflict boils down to one thing: Arab intolerance. Nobody had to move or leave.

Check this video out.

# Ali
3/08/2007 9:56 PM
Wtf are you talking about, tantor? What WMDs??? 500!? You are out of your mind! All claims for WMD made by the administration and his cronies have been completely discredited in every way possible. Have you been watching anything but Fox news and Bill O'Reilly? You are believing in the propaganda that your president and vice president has been feeding you about the justification for war...you are no better than the suicide bombers that are promised virgins for being a martyr. America started the war under false pretenses, and now they are stuck with that problem. You have nobody but yourselves and the leaders you elected to blame.

# Tantor
3/12/2007 11:58 AM

You are merely shouting your ignorance about the 500 WMDs found in Iraq so far, undoubtedly part of a larger set of WMD to be found. Allow me to educate you:





Read 'em and weep, Propaganda Boy.

# a non-israeli jew from america
3/26/2007 12:54 AM
Just because i don't agree with Israel's foreign policy doesn't make me self hating. It's ignorant dimwits like you that lump jews and israelis together. While all Israelis are jews, all jews are certainly not Israelis. I'm not saying the jews don't have a right to live there, of course they do, just as the palestinians have a right to live there as well. What they don't have a right to do is oppress the palestinian people the way they are.

# Rickey
4/20/2007 9:12 PM
baconeatingatheist asshole is a non working slug that never leaves his govt subsidy flat, squats in front of the tv and computer 24/7 and whose goy chain smoking bleach bottle blonde bimbo wife must work to pay the bills and cover his gambling debts. It is interesting the slob admits to not owning a driver's licence and draws social welfare and disability payments for a fake back injury. That is your baconeating jew asshole in a nutshell.

southfield_2001 said...

Gee, rickey, I agree with beaj on that.
but, if you're going to try and use my blog to carry on your fight against beaj, I'm going to edit out your comments. Stick to the subject matter and you can post here all you like even if it's insulting; use it as another of your endless forums to attack beaj and you're gone, simple as that.
And, I'm only going to say this the one time.

Michael said...

Southfield, the best bet is just to delete any comments by nazi trolls like rickey. He's not wort listening to.

Jungle Mom said...

Well, I enjoyed your interview!